Is Adrafinil a stimulant like caffeine?

Something that a lot of people ask is whether Adrafinil is a stimulant like caffeine or not. I decided to reach out to the guys at Adrafinil Express to help me settle this debate once and for all. They told me that although Adrafinil is in fact a stimulant, it is a lot different then some of the more common stimulants that you would find at your grocery store or GNC.

Adrafinil works differently because it is actually a eurogenic compound. It effects the body not by increasing dopamine levels but by actually converting to Modafinil within the liver. This is a key difference between Adrafinil and other similar nootropics. It’s stimulant effects only begin to take effect when the Adrafinil has had the chance to be converted to Modafinil in the liver.

I know this all sounds kind of confusing, so please contact me if you need more advice on how to use Adrafinil without getting to many side effects. I love the stuff, and hope you decide to give it a shot as well!


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Hello world!

So, the question on most people’s lips right now is… am I eating right. Are you? Do you even know what a balanced diet comprises? A recent study suggests that almost 100 percent of people do not know what constitutes a balanced diet. This is a scary fact! Why? Because a poor diet is one of the main precursors to health issues and illness. So with more and more people neglecting this important fact… we can quickly arrive why the country is seeing an increase in poor health and resultant hospital admissions.

Supplements — help or hindrance?

Firstly, this is an absolutely huge industry with an uncountable number of sub niches. Supplements cover all dietary needs, with products ranking from protein, to vitamins, to stimulants like Adrafinil. The market is quite literally one of the biggest second only to the cosmetic industry. We’ve all seen the endorsement adverts that our professional sports players host in… but does this mean we’re benefiting from these products. Yes and no. What all supplement vendors are consistent on is that these products must be consumed as part of a healthy and natural diet. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a medical professional that states otherwise.

With this being said… is this evidence enough? The mere fact that these products cannot be taken in isolation should be an indicator to whether they are beneficial to consumer or not. But the truth isn’t quite as clear-cut as that. We have to consider that most supplements focus on one aspect of nutrition. There are some that combine elements like proteins and fats… but these tend to be expensive and rare… their effectiveness remain questionable.However, studies have seen exceptional and undeniable increases in performance for sports people, when using supplements as part of their regime. Similarly, some supplements that claim to improve concentration have also been proven to work. Great news! So we should all rush out and buy these products. Well… not so fast. We advise that much care is taken when selecting supplements. Be sure to research the products you want and also ensure to stick to trusted vendors. Be sure to look at several similar products before purchasing the one you need — benchmark the price across the ones you’ve seen to be sure you’re getting the right price.

Another good method of research is to ask friends and colleagues for their experience. Of course, please feel free to give us a call as our staff have a wealth of experience, which they could use to guide you. Finally, when taking supplements always be mindful of their effects. If you start feeling ill or experience any strange effects… contact your doctor immediately.

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